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We are an electronics service depot established since 1972 and have hands on experience for Repairing / Restoring and/or Modifying any component that is electronically based. We service any make of equipment dating as far back as 1900 to the present. Our Direct approach to problem solving involves a wide knowledge of science related phenomenons whether factual or hypothetical. This gives us the ability to relate the possible with the impossible, and that combination with electronics provides solutions which at times are unheard of. There is not one piece of electronic equipment that cannot be repaired....with the exception of hermetically sealed units. If it has been manufactured, it can be fixed...whether they use vacuum tubes or solid state. vacuum tubes nowadays can be replaced with MOSFETS which are their equivalent...units can also be modified to function despite the problems encountered with original parts/ just takes a little patience and determination...2 traits that we definately have here at Silectronics. We also design and prototype any ideas and concepts for specific units....from basic switching and control circuits to free energy....etc....

scalar energy waveform
animated self powered motor